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September 14, 2020 2 min read

Spinning, Horseback Riding, Martial Arts, Bike Riding, Gymnastics, Jet and Water Skiing are all wonderful activities . . . except maybe for your Hoo-Ha! Every day woman of all shapes and sizes are ending up in emergency rooms or toughing it out waiting to see their gynecologist due to a “vaginal injury” more commonly known as a straddle injury.

Sure burning calories in Spinning Class is great, but for some women it comes with a price and that price may be a sore or swollen labia after 45 minutes of "up-and-down" on that itty-bitty seat.

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing female sports and with that said so are Mixed Martial Arts Vaginal Injuries. A swift kick in the crotch causes just as much pain to a woman as it does a man (though men may disagree). 

Tight jeans against a saddle for a few hours may be just the right prescription for a sore Nunnie.

Though we don’t have to go into details, ending up in the middle of a balance beam is not where you want to be!

So how do you know if you have an injured labia or vagina? 

Well if you think that you have an injury to the inside of your vagina seek medical attention immediately as you may not bleed or even be in pain. Occasionally internal injuries affect the bladder, rectum, and other organs in the abdomen.

Vaginal Injuries may show the following symptoms:

  • cuts or tears anywhere in the genital region
  • pain inside or outside the vagina
  • bleeding
  • swelling/bruising/hematoma of the vulva
  • painful urination
  • foul smelling discharge 

One of the oldest to treat swelling is cold therapy. The VagiKool Reusable Feminine Cold Pack provides immediate cold relief to an injured vagina. The VagiKool Cold Pack was created with a woman in mind . . . it’s private, it’s safe, and it works.

Steven Peisner
Steven Peisner

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