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VagiKool® V-KOOL Reusable Feminine Cold Pack

  • Regardless of why you need to use a cold pack in the most sensitive area of your body the VagiKool reusable feminine cold pack can give you the relief you need.

    The VagiKool Reusable Feminine Cold Pack is proudly made in the USA in a FDA accredited facility. VagiKool is made from a super soft medical grade polyvinyl that is non-toxic and latex free, is safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing.

    Your purchase includes 1 VagiKool reusable feminine cold pack and 10 Komfort-fit™ Sleeves. The Komfort-fit™ Sleeves which can be reused though we strongly recommend discarding the sleeve if there is a possibility of cross-contamination or re-infection. We suggest hand rinsing the sleeve in hot water and air drying.

    Each VagiKool Feminine Cold Pack is hand filled, pressure tested for leaks, heat sealed, and quality checked before it leaves our manufacturing facility.

  • VagiKool reusable feminine cold packs are constructed of a super-soft super-strong latex free medical grade polyvinyl.
  • VagiKool should always be used with an enclosed Komfort-Fit Sleeve to prevent cold burns or frost bite.
  • VagiKool Komfort-Fit Sleeves can be washed and reused, but we strongly recommend healthy hygiene habits. A healthy vagina is a happy vagina!
  • VagiKool was specifically designed for a woman's body.
  • VagiKool is safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing.

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