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When To Use

The VagiKool® Reusable Cold Pack works because “Cold Therapy” is one of the oldest, safest, fastest and most effective natural ways to relieve pain. VagiKool® is made from a super-soft super-strong medical grade polyvinyl that actually molds itself to your body so that you can enjoy cool soothing relief where and when you need it most and with its near invisible close-to-body fit only you will know you have it on.  Applying cold therapy to your vaginal area reduces: swelling, tissue damage, possible blood clot formation, inflammation, itching, and pain. At the same time the “cold exposure” improves the flow of nutrients into the area, increases strength, and stimulates healing.

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~ VagiKool® can be used before, during, and after delivery ~

Before and After Pregnancy Don’t be too alarmed as it is quite common for your vaginal area to swell during pregnancy (more often in the 2nd and 3rd trimester), most of the time the swelling is caused by an excess of fluid in the genital area which will usually dissipate with a few days after delivery. The application of the VagiKool® Reusable Cold Pack helps to reduce the inflammation to the soft tissue of the labia and can aid in decreasing swelling that may occur during delivery. If you had an episiotomy or experienced natural tearing the use of cold therapy after delivery promotes healing and      reduces pain experienced by a new mother. The VagiKool® Reusable Cold Pack can even be used to relieve symptoms associated with post-delivery hemorrhoids. Cold Therapy can be used after delivery at the first stages of discomfort or soreness. It is recommended that you consult with your physician regarding the use of cold therapy after delivery.

Yeast Infections – Can be caused by any one of the following triggers: Antibiotics, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pregnancy, Uncontrolled Diabetes, Impaired Immune System, Abuse of Alcohol, Wet Bathing Suits, and anything that might change the type and amount of bacteria that is normally present in the vagina, (i.e.) douching, irritation from inadequate vaginal lubrication, and lubricated condoms. If you have a yeast infection using the VagiKool™ Ice Pack over the vaginal area can decrease blood flow to the area, which in turn will reduce the urge to itch thus reducing inflammation to the soft tissue of the labia. Cold Therapy can be used immediately at the first stages of discomfort (itching & burning feelings), pain, or injury. And cold therapy may help your body maintain a balanced vaginal pH. Always remember to consult your physician if pain and itching persist.

 Antibiotics & Medicine –
medical-06-1455841-638x550Some over-the-counter or prescribed medications have possible side effects that can be unpleasant and uncomfortable to your vaginal region.  Yeast infections are a quite common side effect for women taking antibiotics or other medicine.  Some women are more sensitive to Postmenopausal medicines than others actually causing yeast infections.  Check with your Doctor or Medical Professional to know whether a yeast infection or vaginal dryness is a possible side effect of your medications.



Herpes – If you have just been diagnosed with Herpes (genital herpes) or you currently have the virus you know the pain of the first outbreak. Ask anyone who has the virus and they will tell you that the first year is the worst.  Applying the VagiKool® Reusable Cold Pack over your vaginal area can help reduce the burning pain experienced by Herpes sufferers.  Be sure to check with your primary care physician as symptoms vary from person-to-person. 


Vaginal Injuries 7 shot– A vaginal injury is not fun and they are a lot more common than you might think, (i.e. a kick to the groin, bicycle bar injury, spinning seat injury or numbness, balance beam injury, horseback riding, jet or water skiing, etc.) the labia and/or vaginal opening can be injured potentially causing uncontrolled swelling. The swelling itself can cause additional damage of the initial injury and delay the healing time. Applying the VagiKool® Reusable Cold Pack will immediately reduce the amount of swelling and may reduce the amount of pain experienced by the sufferer depending upon the specific injury. If pain persists consult your physician or a medical professional immediately.

pink-shaver-1416606-640x480Waxing, Shaving, and Lasering – Regardless of how you groom your lady-bits – grooming your privates often comes with the price of “OUCH!” Using the Vagi-Kool® Reusable Cold Pack after the event can make the “OUCH” a lot less painful.

Labiaplasty! – That right plastic surgery for “down there.” A little nip & cut – a little laser here and there and WALLA ~ you’re all done except for a few days of discomfort. And let’s not forget about the dreaded Skin Tag. Skin tags in the vaginal area are more common than you think; so don’t be alarmed if you see one. More often than not these annoying little skin growths are non-cancerous and are easily removed. Skin tags are a normal part of growing older and they can be found anywhere. We know your lady-bits are your pride and joy and how she looks is an important part of your self-image. Unfortunately where there is one there can be more than one, and whether yours is wrinkled, smooth, dark, light, large, or small chances are you are going to get rid of it. And just in case you didn’t know you can thank your little bundle of joy for your “tag down there” do mostly because the skin was stretched and the hormonal changes which take place during pregnancy. There are a number of ways that these little annoying tags are removed: Electrocautery where a very hot but very small blade is used to cut off the skin tag while sealing the blood vessel at the same time to stop any bleeding, surgical excision by cutting, and Laser treatment. The VagiKool® Reusable Cold Pack provides cool soothing relief naturally! Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about using the VagiKool® after your procedure. 

 Sex, Sex, Sex . . .

We all know that too much of a good thing can be painful! A marathon sex session often comes with a price.sexydie-1422962-640x640

The most important thing to know about using “cold therapy” is not to overdo it. Medical professionals recommend using cold packs as a method of providing relief from pain, swelling, and itching, but not to freeze the area where the ice pack is applied. Be sure to stagger use as directed by your medical professional.

Ask your Doctor or medical care specialist about using VagiKool® if you have any questions about the effects of cold therapy and your specific condition.