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The search is over – My wife has been searching for a female specific cooling relief product for almost 10 years. The tapered form fit allows her to do day to day activities when using. Highly recommended to all. Buy your wife two so she will always have one available.
John A - Fallston, MD
As a HSV-2 sufferer I don’t need to tell you about the pain of a herpes blister down there. My VagiKool ice pack really helps when the virus is active, it numbs the burning & itching, stops me from scratching, and lets me fall asleep without pain.
Amanda P - Miami, FL
You have made an excellent product. The gel gets cold but stays flexible enough to be properly placed.  It’s a great size.  The sleeve feels comfortable against the skin in the sensitive area. Great job! 
Maria S - Raleigh, NC
I love my VagiKool!!!  It is so soft and so are the sleeves and even though it was frozen it stayed flexible and molded to my body – nobody knew that I was using it. Great product. 
Amy L, Hidden Hills, CA
Vagi-Kool is fantastic and I cannot believe no one had created something like this before! Thanks for seeing a need and working so hard to meet it, for your wife and for the rest of us!. 
Jodi C, Porter, OK