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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

Summer is here

Let the summer fun begin, but as you may or may not know vaginal issues are not seasonal!

School’s out and summertime fun and a well-deserved vacation could be just around the corner – an important thing to remember is that your body may be more susceptible to a yeast infection or vaginal irritation based upon what you wear or don’t wear in some cases.

Here are some important things to remember before jumping in:

Nude Beach – Sure we all know that a tan without lines looks great, but it’s not worth the price of a burnt `gina. So please remember to use 50+ sunscreen on your lady bits . . . especially if you shave it or wax it all away. Though you might not like hair down there, your body does . . . especially at the beach. Pubic hair is your body’s natural filter and sun protector.   A sunburn down there is painful and can ruin a great vacation!

Sex on the Beach – and we don’t mean the drink – Sure it sounds romantic and we know that sometimes there isn’t time to throw down the blanket in the heat of passion, but remember that sand in your vagina can be damaging to him and you – we’re not saying don’t do it, but if it doesn’t feel good stop!

Beach – Be sure to rinse off down there when exiting the ocean – microscopic grains of sand as well as ocean bacteria can cause your lady bits harm, though more often than not your vagina will expel any foreign particles (sand) with its regular discharge. There is no reason to panic, but if you notice a change in color, texture, or smell check with your doctor. And be aware of the dreaded sand-flea. Avoid lying directly on the sand (if you can) a blanket or towel provides better protection than none at all.

Pools, Jacuzzi’s – Same as above – Rinse off and Dry Off! Avoid sitting around in a wet bathing suit.

Now that you are out of those wet suits remember that tight shorts and short skirts can also be problematic and can sometimes be the cause of vaginitis. This occurs when an excessive amount of sweat is being discharged in the summer. So it is important to think about what you are wearing and where you are going . . . a short skirt in a public place might get you a lot of looks, but when you sit down and close your legs you are actually creating the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to multiply at a greater rate than normal add heat and humidity and within 24 hours you may feel a little itch down there that you weren’t planning on. A tight pair of shorts with a lace thong may make your assets look good but it may also cause unnecessary rubbing against the vulva which can cause inflammation which can lead to infection.


Remember to take care of your vagina every day – A healthy vagina is a happier you!


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