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steven-peisnerThe short story is a wife in pain and the husband that tried to find something to ease her pain ~ I couldn’t find anything so I made something that I thought would work, but not personally owning a vagina put me at a clear disadvantage when it came to designing a product for a woman.  It was my wife’s input and our combined collaboration that made the VagiKool® Reusable Feminine Cold Pack what it is today . . . invented by a man, designed and perfected by a woman for a woman!




In January of 2013 my wife noticed a tiny dot on the back of her thigh that bothered her a bit. Fast forward two days ~ what started out as a dot was now an weltextremely painful red welt 8 inches around, four inches wide, and hot to the touch. Thinking that it might be a spider bite we went to the nearest Urgent Care Center.  The Doctor came in looked at my wife’s thigh and said looks like a staph infection, we’re going to have to lance it to get rid of it, and start antibiotics, see you tomorrow he said as he walked out of the room.

ANTIBIOTICS!!! UGH!  You see, my wife is one of the millions of women that get a yeast infection when taking antibiotics and she would be on them for 21 days.  48 hours passed and as she had thought she had a raging yeast infection. I felt so bad because I could see that my wife was in agony, not from where the Doctor lanced her leg, but from the itching and burning symptoms of the yeast infection. She said she felt as if she was on fire “down there.” After the fourth day she was in tears, could barely sleep, and wasn’t exactly the nicest person to be around. (Note to female readers – I know my last comment might sound a bit chauvinistic, but this is how it happened and you are absolutely right I don’t know what it’s like to have a vagina, or a yeast infection, but if I did and I was suffering the way my wife was I probably wouldn’t have been nice either).


peasBeing a typical man trying to fix something that was broken I thought that maybe something cold would help and I handed my wife a pack of frozen peas to put in her panties thinking that the cold would numb the area, to which I was informed “I am going to walk around with an effin’ pack of frozen peas between my legs, just leave me alone!




Well, doing what any other husband would do if their wife was in the same condition I got the hell out of there as fast as I could and hid in my man cave.danger-keep-away-1444924-640x480
While in the cave I searched the internet for “yeast infection remedies,” vaginal ice packs, or something that I thought might relieve her agony, but I found nothing except home remedies suggesting putting yogurt on her vagina (really?!?), freezing water in condoms, and making “padsicles” out of feminine napkins. Later on that day I went to three different pharmacies combing the feminine product sections looking for “I don’t know what,” and again I found nothing. There was Vagi-this and Vagi-that and Monistat (whatever that means), but I was looking for an ice pack and I was amazed that there wasn’t a vaginal ice pack. There’s an ice pack for every other inch of the human body I thought to myself, but not for “down there.” “Oh well sorry honey” a ziplock bag of ice it is.



While walking back to my car I wondered why there wasn’t a vaginal ice pack. There’s got to be something that a woman can use to reduce burning itching pain other the-thinker-by-rodin-1233081-639x852than a pack of frozen peas,  and there it was . . . my “Flash of Genius,” I raced home, walked into the house, and told my wife that I was going to invent (long pause) “Vagi-Kool®” the first and only icepack specifically designed and contoured for the most sensitive and delicate area of woman’s body. She turned her head and gave me one of those looks (you know the one I’m talking about) and said “GREAT! You had better hurry up and make it before I kill someone!




I spent the next few months creating what I thought would work, different shapes and designs, only to be told over-and-over “nope – it doesn’t feel good,” “nope – that’s not right either,” And finally “nope, that’s not going to work way too uncomfortable.” And that’s when my wife decided to help . . .

The rest is history and here we are today manufacturing VagiKool® the first and only ice pack specifically designed and contoured for the most sensitive and delicate area of a woman’s body. VagiKool® it’s the Nice Ice!